slide slide [slaɪd] verb slid PTandPP [slɪd] [intransitive]
to gradually become lower or less:

• Some dealers continued to buy silver as the price slid.

• The new model didn't stop their share of the U.S. car market from sliding.

slide into something phrasal verb [transitive]
to gradually start to experience an unpleasant or difficult situation:

• The Australian economy was sliding into recession.

• Could he prevent the company from sliding into bankruptcy?

— slide noun [countable] :

• There has been a recent slide in crude oil production.

• a series of price slides

* * *

slide UK US /slaɪd/ verb [I] (slid, slid)
ECONOMICS, FINANCE to become worse, lower, or less in value, especially gradually: »

Economists predict that house prices will continue to slide in most areas.


Manufacturing employment has slid for seven months in Minnesota.

slide (from sth) to sth »

The nation's unemployment rate slid to less than 5% last month.

slide into sth »

The economy was sliding into deep crisis.


Returns from Government bonds also slid sharply from 6.3% last year to 4.5% this year.

slide UK US /slaɪd/ noun [C]
ECONOMICS, FINANCE the process of becoming worse, lower, or less: »

Several ministers expressed their worry at the euro's slide.

a slide in sth »

The last few months have seen a sharp slide in voter confidence.

a slide of sth »

The corporation's shares ended the day at 509p, a slide of 13p.


a downward/sharp/steady slide

halt/stop/reverse a slide »

The French central bank yesterday succeeded in reversing the slide in the franc.

MARKETING one of a series of computer screens of information shown in a presentation: »

The final slide showed two graphs.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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